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Must-Have Tools for New Homeowners

Buying a new home is an excited but sometimes stressful process. It can be overwhelming to suddenly be responsible for all the things that could go wrong or need to be fixed in your new home. If you’re in the middle of the home-buying process, check out our blog, “New Home Checklist.” This will remind you of things to look for as you’re buying your dream home.

As far as tools, here are some basics that will always come in handy no matter what!

  1. Measuring tape. Whether you’re measuring for new kitchen cabinets or seeing if that 70-inch flat screen TV will fit in the living room, a measuring tape is always great to have on hand!
  2. You’ll always want a screwdriver on hand to update those light switch plates or assemble your new side table. These are a must have for new homeowners!
  3. An absolute necessity regardless of if you’re a new homeowner or not.
  4. Must-have for hanging up photos, mirrors etc. in your new home!
  5. Can’t hang up décor without the hardware!
  6. For those hard-to-reach places, changing your lightbulbs or smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, always good to have a ladder!
  7. You never know when the power might go out so having a flashlight in a handy place is a must-have!
  8. Extension cord. While you’re trying to figure out where all your furniture will go and where all the outlets are, it’s helpful to have a few of these on-hand!
  9. Utility knife. Moving means boxes, lots of boxes. A utility knife will not only help break down all your moving boxes but will be useful to have around for miscellaneous house tasks!
  10. A one-stop-shop for all your plumbing, sewer, heating, cooling, electrical and ductwork needs. Luckily, Black Diamond offers 24/7 service for every facet of your home!
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