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Dealing With a Clogged Drain? DIY Tips to Try Before You Call in the Pro

If you’re having trouble with a clogged drain in your home, don’t just reach for the phone – try out these top DIY tips before you call in the professionals.

For partially clogged sink drains:

  • If the water is still draining but moving slowly, try turning on your hot water tap for between five and 10 minutes. Sometimes this simple step alone can unclog your drain.
  • If hot water doesn’t do the trick, you can always opt for an environmentally friendly chemical drain opener. These come in various forms, and usually consist of caustic soda, bauxite and similar ingredients. Read the instructions before use.
  • Remember, after having used any chemical flusher, always run your hot water tap for at least 10 minutes in order to properly flush out the drain pipes.

For completely clogged drains:

  • First, try using a simple suction cup; sometimes this alone can do the job. This involves removing the basket drainer, filling the sink with hot water to about two inches (this creates a seal), before using a suction cup plunger over the clogged drain. Try this method for a few minutes, and if you get no results, chances are you’ll have to remove some of the pipes to get to the problem.
  • Set a pail or bucket underneath the sink trap, removing the clean-out plug and washer. Depending on your blockage, a few quick pokes with your screwdriver may do the trick.
  • If not, you might have to consider using a drain auger or snake through your pipe. For best results with drain augers, rotate and feed them in a short distance before rotating more to ensure deep penetration.
  • Once you’ve managed to open the drain pipe, replace the washer and clean-out plug. Run very hot water for a few minutes to get rid of any leftover accumulation.

For more information on dealing with a clogged drain and any other drain blockages, contact the experts at Black Diamond Plumbing & Mechanical today.


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