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The Best Generators in the Crystal Lake Area

Posted on: October 30, 2017

A power outage in the Crystal Lake area can happen at any time, without warning. Sometimes it’s due to the weather, with winter snow, summer thunderstorms, and fall and spring wind all putting your power supply at risk. Other times it’s due to maintenance or accidents somewhere on the power line that runs to your home.

Regardless of the reason, when you lose power, you’ll want a reliable solution so it’s not out for long. A generator can provide temporary power to your home until your services are restored.

Generator Services We Offer

At Black Diamond Plumbing & Mechanical, we offer services to ensure that your generator is ready to work properly when you need it:

  • Generator installation – Our team can help you select the generator that’s best fit for your home and then install the unit for you. Whether you choose a portable or backup generator, we can install any model.
  • Generator repair – You’ll want to make sure that when your generator needs to supply your home with power, it’s ready to work efficiently. If you notice any problems with your unit or if it simply doesn’t work as well as it usually does, schedule generator repair with Black Diamond.

Why Choose a Generac Generator?

The generators that we recommend to most of our customers are Generac systems. With a Generac generator, you will enjoy:

  • Automatic operations – When the power goes out, your unit will automatically turn on, even if you’re not home.
  • No need to fuel them up – These systems run on your existing gas supply, so you don’t have to keep them fueled up.
  • Power to your home – We install the Generac system so it delivers power directly to your home’s electrical panel.
  • Exceptional customer support – When we install these units in your home (or any other brand of generator) we will get the job done right and will do so in an efficient manner.

There’s a reason Generac is the top selling brand of home backup generators. These are top quality generators that will work well when you need them. Their performance and reliability is why we highly recommend them to homeowners looking for a backup power source.

Comprehensive Services for All Brands of Generators

Whether you are installing a new Generac system or already have a generator that you need repaired, you can trust the team at Black Diamond for generator services.

Not only do we install backup generators for those who need them, but we also offer repair services to keep your existing system up and running. We service all makes and models of generators, so you can have peace of mind that you will be prepared for the next power outage.

When you live in the Windy City, power outages are bound to happen every so often. Make sure your home is protected with a backup generator.

If you’re interested in generator installation or repair in Crystal Lake, McHenry, or a surrounding area, give us a call now at (866) 350-4793 or contact us online.

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