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Black Diamond HVAC Reviews & Testimonials Chicagoland, IL

Residential Testimonial

We’re very satisfied with our bathroom re-model! It turned out beautiful. We appreciate the promptness, professionalism and quality of the work done. We won’t hesitate to call Black Diamond again.

-Julie E. Carpentersville, IL

I wanted to take the time to thank Black Diamond on a recent call needed to our house. A few weeks ago, as I was about to leave the house in the morning, my daughter and I noticed water leaking from our kitchen hallway. Our landlord called Black Diamond. One of your guys came out quickly and found that the grout in between some of the tiles at the base of our shower had stared to crack and it was leaking water down beneath the floor board. This wasn’t the first time Black Diamond has been called to our house, and both times the service and attention to our needs were great. I can’t imagine using anyone else in the future.

-Brad S. McHenry, IL

I just wanted to give Jesse a big “thumbs up”, pat on the back, a high five for all of the wonderful work he did yesterday on getting in the new furnace and taking out the old one. He was very patient with me and all of my questions. Even though he had another job to go to he spent the time explaining everything I had questions about. Jesse is another one of your shining diamonds, I might not be able to wear him on my finger, but he is a (Black) diamond I would like to keep forever!! Thanks for the great job he did and when the need arises again, Black Diamond is who I’m going to call!!!!

-Michelle O. Elgin, IL

Dear folks at Black Diamond,

We just came back from California only to find our heat was out. It was a very cold day in late December. We called our usual service company and after a few visits and a run around in which they wanted to sell us an expensive part – over $1,000 – we finally deduced that they were going to sell us a part that they couldn’t guarantee would get the furnace going again. Once we figured this out, the serviceman slapped a sticker on the furnace saying not to use it due to possible carbon monoxide poisoning and said he would see if he could get the salesman out the next day to sell us a new furnace. If all went ok we’d be up and running in about 5 days. Granted it was just before New Years but we were in the cold with older people and kids. They said they could loan us space heaters but never even followed up to see if we made it through the night. We decided to call Black Diamond because we heard they were now repairing furnaces and we had had good experiences with them in the past servicing our well. Jesse came out in the late evening and gave us the straight story. He told us that we would need a new furnace. We asked him when his salesman would be available. He said he could show us the models right now. We looked them over and picked out the one that suited us the best. We asked him when it would be installed and he asked if tomorrow would be ok – that was New Year’s Eve. He said he could start tonight if we couldn’t hold out and gave us his personal cell phone number. The furnace was installed and our house was heating up before 10 am and long before the other company’s salesman even called. Jesse, by the way, is a gem. Ifthat wasn’t enough, a few days later Igot two notices of attempted mail delivery. One came from the first company. A certified letter telling us that we cannot use our furnace because of carbon monoxide poisoning. Basicallv, a letter to cover their lower backsides. The other delivery was a beautiful potted plant thanking us for our business – from the folks at Black Diamond. I’ll leave it up to the readers. Which type of company would you rather do business with?

–Margaret F., Mudelein, IL

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To Whom It May Concern,

My Mother and father have an older home, which had lost power a couple months ago, due to the age of the house, as well as a very bad storm, which had knocked down some wiring. They were very nervous and upset and did not know who they should call, so they called another company out of the phone book and were waiting for a response. They felt they were waiting too long, so they asked me if I knew anybody that could help them. I told them that I had heard great things about Black Diamond, from some other people that I know and recommended that they call you guys to help them out. They followed that recommendation and called your company immediately to try and resolve this very pressing problem. Well, I have to tell you that you guys made me look like a hero to my family, as your people not only responded immediately, via the phone, but also had representatives of your company come out immediately, on site, to help solve my parents’ electrical issues. The employees that came to their house were not only very knowledgeable and professional, but they were very sympathetic to my parents’ problem and assured them they would not leave until they had restored power. In addition, two gentlemen from the front office (Scott and Rick), showed my family personal attention, and actually came out to their house to oversee their problem. To me, this kind of service is just not seen these days and deserves recognition. Every person that we came in contact with at Black Diamond went way up and beyond the call of duty, including helping us in dealing with Com-Ed in regard to the power line issue. My apologies for such a lengthy letter, but I feel that your company was owed a well deserved thank you for your service in what was indeed a very troubling situation with my parents.

Thank you Black Diamond!

–Alan P., Crystal Lake, IL

Our experience with Black Diamond is unsurpassed. They are second to none! They are hardworking, experienced, and an honest company. I would recommend them for any or their services. Their employees are truly an asset to the company.

–Josey L., Algonquin, IL

Scott, Rick, and the entire “family” of Black Diamond:

I want to thank you for the outstanding service you provide. And I truly do mean “outstanding”.  Black Diamond resolved a plumbing problem at my house that numerous plumbers before you were completely unable to solve.

The laundry drain was backing up soapy water and, for months, I brought in a succession of plumbers.  I told each plumber the things that had already been tried by those who came before them.  Each sized up the situation – in pretty much the same way it turns out.   Various approaches for getting to the root cause were taken as one thing after another was tried.  In fact, sometimes I was even paying to have the same “solution” attempted a 2nd time.  Each plumber expected to succeed.  None did.  And with their ideas exhausted, each left baffled.

Yet, with every laundry load, I still had soapy water running down the inside of my wall and along the floor.  This pursuit had become highly frustrating and expensive.  Now which “highly recommended” plumber do I call?

Enter Black Diamond. Within 15 minutes Black Diamond confidently identified a cause no one else had considered.  The repairs were scheduled promptly and as the work got underway, I was invited to see the cause with my own eyes.  You had it nailed! I am so grateful and fortunate to now have Black Diamond as the only plumber I will ever call.

–Beatrice S., Cary, IL

Excellent service and reliability. We can always count on the job being performed to be completed and functioning properly.

–Mark L., Cary, IL

I first became a Black Diamond customer back when they were Black Diamond Plumbing. I had to replace a toilet and there are two things I don’t mess with, one is plumbing, the other is electric. So I called Black Diamond and they not only replaced my toilet, but they also showed me how the previous plumber did not seat the toilet properly and there was a gradual leak into my basement. I was able to see what appeared to be a couple years worth of water damage as a result on the sub floor. I have had no problems with my toilet since then. I never thought a guy could get so excited over a toilet, until I had Black Diamond install this one!

I then called Black Diamond two years ago to do the electric in my basement that I was having remodeled. Keep in mind, I don’t do electric either. Black Diamond was great. they wanted to insure that the job was done right and also done to fit in my budget. I was able to have all the electric work done professionally and within my budget. The job was done quickly and the workers were patient every time I thought about making “subtle” changes. They cleaned up after themselves each day and the basement looks great. I never knew how important lighting is to help accent any project.

Now I am sitting back and waiting for my furnace or air conditioner to go out. I know who I will be calling. Thanks Black Diamond!

–Sean M., Crystal Lake, IL

I have been using Black Diamond for about 8 years. Over this time I have never been disappointed or frustrated with response time, quality of work or great customer service. As a realtor dealing with vacant homes I need a trusted partner to evaluate the situation and quote rates/prices and make repairs in a timely manner. The service personnel that I meet are friendly, cooperative, efficient and highly skilled. When I call the office I’m able to talk to someone, even at the end of the day when they’re walking out the door. I started using Black Diamond Plumbing and now use Black Diamond Today. A great company that has continued to grow and fill the needs of not only plumbing, but electrical, heating & air conditioning but also is able to assist with cleaning out vacant homes of furniture and debris.

–Sheila M., Lake in the Hills, IL

Finding out the replacement of a utility pole at my family’s house was my responsibility came as quite a shock.  There was no way Com Ed was going to do the job at the price they quoted me.  I called Black Diamond who had worked at my condo, both personally and for the Association I was president of.  Black Diamond not only came out and bid the job at a significant savings, but they also coordinated the work as best they could under adverse weather conditions.  The crew made certain there was little disruption to the landscaping, too.  The team at Black Diamond including their office staff is professional, courteous and accommodating.  I would highly recommend Black Diamond for any electrical, plumbing, or HVAC needs you may have.  It’s money well spent!

–Elizabeth A., Palatine, IL

Fantastic job done by Black Diamond associates at our home in Feb. of this year 2009!

–Robert & Michelle L., Cary, IL 

To The Team At Black Diamond –

I just needed to express my sincere appreciation for your team and service. I have been a homeowner for 11 years – new construction, so honestly, I am not sure what to do when things stop working and need to rely on professionals. So, after being gone for a week vacation, we come home to find that we have no hot water. Well, what could that be from? Maybe the water heater? So, we discovered the pilot light is out and there is water on the floor. We are clueless as what to do next, and we need to get back to work the next day….no time to really try and figure this out.

We start surfing the web and even made a few calls. My husband and I overwhelmed ourselves with different options – some waiting up to a week to get the heater in – some needing to hire another person to install – the numbers and time without hot water were adding up quickly. We went to bed that night just feeling so confused and sick.

Then, I had a thought. On my commute to work, I often see a Black Diamond truck. I wondered if they even did residential. I called in early the next morning and indeed they did. Within an hour, they were at my house with a new water heater and in no time it was installed! We were so relived. How easy this was and the people were friendly and knowledgeable. Additionally, we feel that they gave us exactly what we needed and did so at a great price!

We were so pleased with the service that the very next day we scheduled them to come out and install a whole house humidifier!! They do Heating, Duct Cleaning, and Electrical too?!?!?!? I couldn’t believe it! I see many future jobs that I will be fully confident in utilizing Black Diamond’s services. Thanks!!

– Georgianne D., Lake in the Hills, IL

Property Management Testimonial

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I would be remiss if I did not take the opportunity to write and thank you for three wonderful years
at the Hamilton Place Condominium Association. This is the first time in a long time that I, as
Property Manager of the Association, have received compliments regarding the plumbing and
electrical work you have done for us since I started managing the property.

As a Property Manager, I am always extremely hesitant regarding contractors. It is too often that
they do phenomenal work at the beginning, then become complacent and overly confident, and the quality of work plummets. This is not the case with Black Diamond. Every job I have called you on has been completed within 48 hours, and I am always treated as though you are prioritizing me above all other matters. I am consistently and constantly impressed with the quality of work, the knowledge of the employees and the expeditious manner in which everything is handled. As I mention above, not only do you save me complaint calls, which in my line of work are abundant, but I actually get compliments from homeowners about you.

Please do not hesitate to forward this letter as necessary to potential clients, and to give out my contact information as a reference for your company. I look forward to continuing to work with you for many years to come at Hamilton Place.

–Katy J., Shaumburg, IL

Commercial Testimonial

A quick note to thank Black Diamond for coming out in a pinch to take care of our backing up kitchen at our restaurant on a Saturday. I called and got the message that you guys were having your annual staff party, but thought I would try anyways to see if someone would come bail me out. Sorry for pulling your guy out of the party to fix my issue, but it is greatly appreciated and kept my business rolling! Our weekend will go smoother now, thanks to the dedication and urgency of Black Diamond!

–Operations Manager for a restaurant chain in McHenry County

On Friday, 11/6, we were incredibly busy with remotes/events all day and one of those events was our Food Drive Friday. I was in a crazy rush to get all of the food (the truck was full!) unloaded and get to my next event. I called Kathy as I was pulling in to make an announcement for any and all available employees to come outside and help me quickly unload. To my surprise, I had 3 gentlemen from Black Diamond (who were obviously here working on something) waiting for me! They helped out with a smile on their faces and I think that goes to show what wonderful employees they have! I was very pleased and immensely appreciated their help.

–Erica L., Crystal Lake, IL

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