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Heat Pump & Furnace Installation in the Crystal Lake, IL Area

Chicago’s Most Trusted Heating Contractor

In the Midwest, a modern, energy efficient furnace provides warm and inviting indoor comfort when winter’s chill is in the air. For most homeowners, a dependable heating appliance is a matter of health and safety. When a furnace must be replaced due to age or a breakdown, it is important to choose a contractor who has experience in every aspect of heating installation.

Designing the System

A successful oil and gas furnace installation always begins by determining the appropriate capacity for the appliance. Comprehensive load calculations are run on each individual room to establish the amount of heat energy that is required to meet the thermostat call in the most extreme conditions.

Some contractors continue to use antiquated formulas for sizing heating equipment. No matter how well-built the furnace may be, improper sizing will lead to high utility bills, excessive wear on critical components and lower levels of indoor comfort.

Heating Equipment

Since local winter temperatures routinely fall below freezing, forced air furnaces are the overwhelming choice for residential and light commercial applications. The decision to select a gas or oil furnace is largely dependent on energy costs, fuel availability and efficiency expectations.

In general, gas furnace models are more efficient and less costly to operate when compared to fuel oil models. Fuel oil also requires a storage container that must have sufficient safeguards to avoid corrosion and leakage. Since fuel oil is sprayed into a specially designed combustion chamber as a liquid, the interior of the furnace usually requires more frequent maintenance. It is important that the nozzles, heat exchanger and burners remain unobstructed.


The furnace installation phase should only begin after the system has been properly engineered, and the jobsite has been evaluated in advance. For new construction, this means a complete measure-and-draw walk through to verify the equipment and the air distribution system conform to the plans and specifications. For retrofit applications, we inspect the existing ductwork to any locate leaks, gaps or breeches that may degrade performance if left unaddressed.

At Black Diamond Plumbing & Mechanical, our skilled installers will place the equipment, make appropriate adjustments and test the system to ensure it is performing to design parameters. From our point of view, a heating installation is never finished until the customer is completely satisfied.

Advanced Heating for Comfort and Savings

Homeowners with an 80 AFUE rated furnace installed in the 1990s can save over 15 percent on monthly fuel costs by converting to a modern, energy efficient gas furnace. We invite you to explore the many quality heating products manufactured by Bryant, which are designed to fit every budget and performance expectation.

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