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Duct Sealing in McHenry & Chicagoland

Did you know that most homes in the Chicago area have a problem with their air ducts, but the homeowners don’t even know it? Gaps and leaks in the air ducts are sometimes hard to detect, but they can lead to serious problems. Not only do gaps in the air ducts keep your system running at its most optimal level, but leaky ducts allow allergens and particles to enter the ducts and get circulated through your home.

The good news is that Black Diamond Plumbing & Mechanical has a solution to this problem. As part of our overall duct services, we offer duct sealing in addition to our duct cleaning. Our proven air duct sealing process can help eliminate these leaks and the problems they cause, allowing your family to breathe freely and your system to run efficiently.

Do you suspect that your home’s ducts may be leaky? Contact Black Diamond to discuss the problem and have them analyzed.

The Black Diamond Duct Sealing Process

When you choose Black Diamond for your air duct sealing, here’s what you can expect.

  1. Inspection. The process starts with inspection. We will use a computer system to analyze the amount of leakage you have in your home, measuring the leaks in CFMs and square inches. This will help us ensure we get all of the leaks properly sealed.
  2. Find the Leaks. We then use a specialized blower system to send self-sealing particles into the ducts, where they are suspended until they gravitate towards the openings.
  3. Filling the Cracks. The sealant will find and fill the gaps without coating the air duct or leaving behind unwanted residue.
  4. Final Analysis. We will analyze the results to ensure that we fully completed the sealing process through a second computer analysis.

This process is scientifically proven and uses state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring that no holes, no matter how small, are overlooked. In addition, we guarantee your satisfaction and offer a 10-year warranty on the seal. Our sealing is affordable and effective, and will allow your family to breathe free.

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Are you ready to reduce the number of allergens in your home through the benefit of duct sealing? Schedule a free quote today by calling 866-350-4793, or contact us online to learn more about the process. With the help of Black Diamond, your family can enjoy your home free from unwanted allergens in the air.

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