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Air Purifier Installation in Chicagoland

Serving Crystal Lake & the Surrounding Areas

How clean is the air in your home? With so many of us working from home, indoor air quality is more important than ever. That’s why so many homeowners in Crystal Lake and McHenry are installing air purifiers.

At Black Diamond, we believe your home’s indoor air quality is essential to your family’s health and wellness. We offer air purifier installation in McHenry and Crystal lake so you can breathe easy knowing your home’s air quality is second to none.

Want to learn more about installing air purifiers in your Chicago home? Call us TODAY at (866) 350-4793 to schedule a service visit or get an estimate.


Benefits of Installing Air Purifiers

Having an air purifier in your home provides a number of benefits to you and your family.

  • Reduce concentrations of pollutants in the air. Even the cleanest rooms can still be filled with particles and dirt you can’t see.
  • Reduce airborne irritants that worsen allergies and asthma symptoms.
  • Remove secondhand smoke.
  • Clear pet odors and dander from the air.

Signs Your Home Needs an Air Purifier

In most cases, you can’t tell there are harmful contaminants in your air just by looking around. If your home’s air quality is poor, though, there are warning signs. You may need to replace your air purifier if you or your family members:

  • Are experiencing more allergy symptoms when you’re in your home than when you’re outside
  • Have increased asthma symptoms
  • Start to get sick more frequently than usual
  • Notice that the air is feeling stuffy
  • Have recently had a home renovation, such as new floor or paint

If you notice anything listed above, or anything else unusual, we recommend calling a technician and learning about your options for installing a new air purifier.

The Black Diamond Difference

At Black Diamond Plumbing & Mechanical, customer service is our #1 priority. We also believe in serving our community through projects that improve the quality of life in the Chicago suburbs.

Our technicians are NATE-Certified HVAC specialists, which means they’ve achieved one of the most-recognized HVAC certifications for excellence in the industry. For our customers, it means your indoor air purifier installation will be performed by a trained professional.

A Quick Note about Efficiency

While indoor air purifiers are important to your family’s health, many are not efficient. In fact, a standard room air purifier uses more energy than the average refrigerator! That’s a drain on your energy bill.

Black Diamond offers efficient air purifier systems that are 40% more efficient than standard models.

Schedule Air Purifier Installation in McHenry or Crystal Lake

To schedule air purifier services in McHenry, Crystal Lake, or nearby, give us a call at (866) 350-4793 or contact us online today!

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