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Emergency AC Repair in Chicagoland

Air conditioning problems are never fun, but some air conditioning problems qualify as emergencies. When you need emergency AC repair, you can trust the team at Black Diamond to rise to the challenge. This means that if your AC crashes on the hottest day of the year, you have a reliable team that can be there quickly to fix it.

Black Diamond is always on call for your AC repair needs. We have professional HVAC contractors who can come quickly to your home to assess and repair your AC. You can get back to enjoying your cool home in no time with one call to Black Diamond.

Contact our Chicagoland plumbing pros at (866) 350-4793 or reach out online to discuss your needs with Black Diamond Plumbing & Mechanical.

Recognizing an Air Conditioning Emergency in Chicagoland

Not all air conditioning problems are emergencies, so how can you tell if you have one? The real way to answer this question depends on your comfort. If the temperature in your home is comfortable enough that you can wait, then wait for normal business hours, but if it’s a 100+ degree day in Chicago and you just can’t wait, we’re here to help. Some common emergency AC repair needs include:

  • High heat or humidity in your home. This puts your comfort at risk and, at times, your safety. 
  • Odd sounds from the AC. Unusual sounds are often due to loose or damaged parts in your air conditioner. This is a big risk that needs to be addressed quickly because those parts can cause further damage. 
  • Burning odor from the air conditioning. Burning odors usually mean an electrical problem, and this is a serious and dangerous issue. Call immediately for emergency AC repair help from Black Diamond.
  • No response from your thermostat. If your thermostat won’t respond to you, and it’s not due to a bad battery, you can’t control your AC. While this is usually a minor repair, it is an urgent one because you have no control. 

If you’re noticing these problems or have an AC need that occurs after hours, don’t hesitate. Call Black Diamond at (866) 350-4793 for service.

Troubleshooting Your Broken AC

Before calling for emergency AC services, take a minute to troubleshoot the air conditioner at home. Sometimes the problem is easily fixed or temporarily remedied so that you can wait for normal business hours. Some things to try include:

  • Changing the thermostat setting or batteries
  • Changing the furnace filter
  • Cleaning off the outdoor unit
  • Restarting the AC

In addition, you can potentially avoid an emergency AC problem by keeping up with regular air conditioning maintenance. At your maintenance appointment, a technician will thoroughly inspect your system for signs of wear and tear, so you can take measures to reduce the risk of a breakdown before it happens.

If you’ve tried these troubleshooting steps and are still having trouble with our air conditioner, call the Chicagoland experts at Black Diamond at (866) 350-4793.

Trust Black Diamond for Emergency AC Repair Service in Chicagoland

A true AC emergency is not something that can wait. It’s simply too hot and humid in Chicago in the summers to allow you the luxury of waiting. The Chicagoland HVAC pros at Black Diamond are always on hand to help. Our trained, knowledgeable HVAC specialists can be at your home in moments, delivering quality service with reliability and professionalism.

Call Black Diamond at (866) 350-4793 or contact us online to discuss your air conditioning emergency repair needs today.

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