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Air Conditioning Installation in McHenry, IL

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In the Midwest, a reliable central air conditioner is a necessity. Modern air conditioning equipment cools, dehumidifies, and cleans indoor air while consuming far less electricity than earlier designs. Whether your air conditioner is ready to be replaced or you are installing a unit for the first time, count on Black Diamond Plumbing & Mechanical for professional air conditioning installation service. We proudly install industry leading equipment so you can ensure you have a cooling unit that will last years to come.

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Our AC Installation Process

Every successful AC installation begins in the design phase of the project. Our comfort specialists work with the customer to establish comfort, efficiency, and budget goals. The home or building is then analyzed to determine its unique energy consumption footprint. The contractor will run a complete set of calculations according to ACCA Manual J standards to establish the cooling load requirements for each room in the building.

Manual J accounts for a wide variety of structural elements as it determines the precise equipment capacity requirements. Among these include:

  • Home or building size
  • Local climate history
  • Insulation R-values for walls and ceilings
  • Perimeter tightness
  • K-value of doors and windows
  • Total duct leakage
  • Occupant generated loads

After we inspect the above, we then choose a new air conditioner that fits all of your needs.

Unfortunately, many contractors continue to use sizing methods that are outdated and inaccurate. When you choose Black Diamond, you can guarantee you are getting air conditioning professionals to install your new unit flawlessly.

Crystal Club Maintenance Plans

After we install your new air conditioning unit, be sure to sign up for annual maintenance throughout our Crystal Club maintenance plan. In order to keep the manufacturer warranty, an annual inspection is crucial. Maintenance ensures your unit is ready for the season ahead, is clean, and is safe for use.

Because we strongly believe that your HVAC unit should be inspected once per year, we have a whole membership program which brings discounts and special services to those who join. When you are a member of our Crystal Club, you can benefit form:

  • Pre-scheduled heating and cooling tune-ups
  • Discounts on repairs
  • Discounts on duct cleaning and sealing service
  • Waived holiday and after hour fees
  • Priority scheduling
  • And more!

Don’t let your brand new unit go without maintenance, sign up for our Crystal Club today!

Looking to Schedule Air Conditioning Installation in the McHenry, IL Area?

Black Diamond Plumbing & Mechanical serves Crystal Lake, Barrington, McHenry, and the surrounding areas. We provide a full array of AC services including installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance. When you choose us to install your new cooling unit, you are getting a great product as well as expert technicians that are trained and certified to install any brand of AC products.

To learn more about our installation service, count on Black Diamond Plumbing & Mechanical. Call us today!

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